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JackJaw Models Remove:

Concrete form pins and stakes - "T" fence posts / Waratahs - String line stakes
Flat stakes - Tent stakes and rebar
Sign Posts - U pickets, square and round posts
Utility grounding rods - Drill rods for nuclear density gauges





The Stake and Post Extractors That Work!

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Stake and Post Extractors That Work!

We are very excited to offer you this brilliant product that eliminates the backbreaking effort required to remove "T" fence posts / Waratahs, pickets and posts.

The JackJaw® Post Puller allows you to work so quickly it puts every conventional post puller in the shade. It uses specially designed and tempered jaws to remove the "T" fence posts / Waratahs and pickets which come out damage free and with amazing ease.

You'll be blown away by how well these work and the dollars you save in time, effort, and "T" fence posts / Waratahs / pickets.

An old style post puller will tend to kink the fins of the picket or bend the whole thing as it lifts but the JackJaw® Post Puller leaves only tiny marks where the jaws have gripped. Whereas you may have ruined one in five "T" fence posts / Waratahs / pickets previously, now they will all come out perfectly straight, and ready to use on the next job.

The JackJaw® Post Puller comes in two heights - tall so you don't have to bend over, or short for easy storage on your tray or in the cab of a truck. We have various options available, for removing - star pickets only, 32mm OD Pipe and pickets, 50mm OD pipe. 60mm OD pipe - such as all your road signs - and we also have a model to suit wooden survey pegs.

It's ideal for concreter's removing formwork pickets, builders, farmers, civil contractors, surveyors and shire council's. If you're struggling to remove warahtars, pickets, posts and pegs then the JackJaw® Post Puller is just what you are looking for. They cost a little more than a conventional post puller but the savings you make in "T" fence posts / Waratahs / posts and labour will pay for the unit in no time.

*ALSO AVAILABLE - JackJaw® Replacement Teeth & JackJaw® Heavy Duty Replacement Teeth.


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Stake and Post Extractors That Work!

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